Thursday, December 5, 2013

Christmas is coming!!!!

Ho-ho-ho!!!! Christmas is almost on the corner! Finally!!!!!!

2013 gave me everything I've asked it for - love and peace, beautiful city around me and wonderful people right beside me. That's amazing!
Christmas is my favorite season, this time I always feel something incredible in the air like every day is a miracle and I am a part of this huge world happiness. People're in a hurry running for perfect gifts for their loved ones, bright decorations everywhere and holiday lights....mmmm)))) And that's why it's so great to paint Christmas and New Year's cards.

This year I've made them very colorful and full of joy!

 *They are also available in Russian and in two different variations - postcards and holiday cards. My etsy store is not working yet so....feel free to ask me how you can buy them! International delivery from Canada with love*

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