Thursday, September 27, 2012

Autumn in my city

I'm sure everyone has their own preferred lovely season, like any artist I'm inspired by all of them but autumn always brings something new for me.
Every year I start to do something new, try to find answers to the serious questions. I think they come from all the years of studying. September 1st, you get back into school - a new year full of lessons, friends, jokes and a lot of books.
This autumn shall be fantastic!!! It's already fantastic! (Unfortunately I can't tell you about everything for now but you will understand soon enough)))
So..autumn.. While I was painting this card the weather was awful, sun, no blue sky, no splash of golden-orange leaves. But after just two days it all changed! And now you have a chance to visit my autumn..

И еще я решила все-таки писать часть текста на русском. Посетителей моего блога из России и стран СНГ гораздо больше всех остальных вместе взятых. Некоторые совершенно не знают английского (хотя и мой совсем не ахти), но это стало проблемой..люди не понимают. И гуглтранслэйт им не в помощь...
Да и передать все богатство чувств и мыслей я могу (пока) только на родном языке. Я не буду дублировать текст, только самые ключевые моменты, порой добавляя больше конкретики и деталей.
Надеюсь, вы эту идею воспримите хорошо!

Так вот, об осени. У каждого есть свое любимое время года, а мне, как художнику, по-своему нравятся все они, каждое из них меня вдохновляет! И когда я рисовала эту картинку (она кстати появится в новом номере журнала «Променад» в немного другом виде), погода была ужасная. Прошлая осень нас так активно радовала солнышком, обилием золотисто-оранжевых листьев, шуршащих под ногами и контрастно выделяющихся на фоне яркого голубого неба. Но буквально через два дня погода стала в точности, как на картинке, ура!!! Теперь со спокойной душой приглашаю вас в мою осень…

Да, и не забудьте глянуть ниже фотографии с первой презентации коллекции рисованных галстук-бабочек «Ivantsova&Markelova», которая состоялась в чудесном месте с потрясающей атмосферой под названием «Интерьерная лавка». В самом конце вы найдете ссылки на все фотографии с презентации, а также ссылку на наш альбом с бабочками! Их, кстати, можно заказать в совершенно любую точку России и мира.

 And don't forget to look at photos from presentation of new "Ivantsova&Markelova" collection of bow ties!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My lovely - Blake Lively

I met her in "Gossip Girl", she is like a breath of fresh air, a spotlight or a glistening disco ball, whenever you're around her she sparkles. She is amazing and I adore her!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

My new "love" muse

Every day I try to find someone who can inspire me. And one day I found her - Jessy Gosselin ( Jessy Gosselin on She is so beautiful, so nice and so stylish! She is a young photographer from Montreal and all her pictures are self-portraits. But really she looks like one of the top-models from the trendy lookbooks.
Here are first illustrations of her looks and I'm sure it will be more and more!!!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me on TV)))

 May..two days before my last exams in the university I was invited to the program "women's club" on our local TV. It was a very nervous, exciting moment cause I have never been before on TV like the guest of programm. My hands quaked with fear, but it was a good opportunity to me to tell everybody about me, my progress and my plans.

 You can watch it too)))

And as I promised some days before, link on pdf issues of fashion and shopping magazine with my illustrations - "Promenad"

I hope you'd like it!)) 

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Keep calm & love London

Can't wait I see of my blue dreams, my London!

But now enjoy the beautiful warm autumn, dream and..keep calm and love London!!!)

*Now you can buy art-prints, cases for almost any devices and other stuff with this illustration here

Monday, September 10, 2012

Cara's looks

 Some days ago I found a fashion blogger from one beautiful city.
She looks like my nice friend Olesya, she lives in Moscow now. And she is one of the prettiest, one of the brightest girl I've ever known! I don't have Olesya's looks, but I have Cara's! And sure I can not to leave her without my illustrations))
Meet Cara (Olesya)!!!

And three more looks:

Friday, September 7, 2012

September issue

Yeah, we finished new issue of our durling magazine "Promenad"!!!
Sure I can't show you all my september illustrations, but I can show you some parts of them))))

Some days waiting and you'll see Lady Gaga, amazing dress from Milan fashion week from Dolce & Gabbana, our local stars and a lot of dandy bunnies and kitties! ;))

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Ivantsova & Markelova

I missed my blog therefore today I'll tell you about all my projects for last weeks that I wasn't here.
My new project is really not only my. The editor of fashion magazine which I illustrate Lena Ivantsova is designer of bow ties. Her works you can see here - lena_ivantsova. And for the last 3 weeks we created new line of bow ties - Lena sews, I paint. We discuss all ideas of pictures together. Even a packing is hand-made! I drawn on every pack))

Night Club Art

What do you do in the night clubs?
Dance, drink, have fun with friends and etc. I (of course!!!) like to do it too, especially! But sometimes I have to do crazy things, for example, to PAINT in the clubs!!!!!