Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Me on TV)))

 May..two days before my last exams in the university I was invited to the program "women's club" on our local TV. It was a very nervous, exciting moment cause I have never been before on TV like the guest of programm. My hands quaked with fear, but it was a good opportunity to me to tell everybody about me, my progress and my plans.

 You can watch it too)))

And as I promised some days before, link on pdf issues of fashion and shopping magazine with my illustrations - "Promenad"

I hope you'd like it!)) 


  1. Elena I'm so proud of you. Your work it's beautiful and inspirational. I loved the post cards.Keep this amazing work up.

    Julio (VEC)

    1. Julio thank you so much! It's very pleasant for me to read your words. I will, I promise!))