Thursday, September 6, 2012

Night Club Art

What do you do in the night clubs?
Dance, drink, have fun with friends and etc. I (of course!!!) like to do it too, especially! But sometimes I have to do crazy things, for example, to PAINT in the clubs!!!!!

It was the "Loft Party" in the Insomnia Club with classic musiciants, artist (me) and a lot of artistic persons. I must to draw portraits of guests, but there was some problems with it.
Firstly, most of people came to the club for rest, they didn't want to be drawn by me or not by me, all the same! No one didn't come to me for portrait for a 3 hours. I sat back....Sometimes I flirted with nice barmen or made a scetch in my Moleskine.

 When I finished it I tried to find somebody for portrait. "If the mountain does not come to Mohammed, Mohammed goes to the mountain" I chosen shiny girls in bar opposite me. is secondly - they was so shy, totouched their hair all the time or smiled with unnormal faces...oh, I couldn't concentrate!
After 30 minutes of torment I went to home.
Sure anyway I got money for my work and may be next week I'll make a card for that club, but I will never go to the club for drawning portraits! Really!

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