Thursday, August 23, 2012


Yesterday I received two next cards by a postcrossing. One flied to me from Germany from beautiful girl Laura, on it the drawn frog - a miracle from miracles! And another from the father of the 3 sons from Slovenia with fine views of the native land. Here so unexpectedly you receive from someone unfamiliar from other point of a planet a slice of heat, pleasure and happiness...Feeling unique)))))

 And so, with what everything began:

Just a year ago, to be exact on August 18, I learned what is a postcrossing! By then cards created by me were not so much. Not enough. And the appeared element in the form of a mark for brand seemed lovely addition to the general composition of a back side, and my internal feeling that it will be useful to somebody does not leave me. Nobody cancelled old kind mail!))) This element was on cards with views of Kemerovo.

 And it was the unique set from my cards which arrived in wide sale. And so in that August I received e-mail from Natalia Radionova. She bought cards in one of points of sales and literally: "Today I got a set with your author's cards "My city of Kemerovo!", it was pleasantly surprised that "back" at them post that to me as to a postcrosser, it is necessary. Drawings amazing! At last it is possible to present our city in all beauty."
I was hooked very much by an new word! At first I got into Google, then asked all at Natalia. Didn't pass also weeks as I sent the first cards, and in a month - one and a half  I received mine! My pleasure wasn't a limit!!!!! Now I have in a box 42 cards sent directly by a posckrossing, and two absolutely gratuitous, with all the heart … with views of darling Rio))))
So to what I…people, it is improbably abruptly, magically, unusually!!! You come home...the tired-sad-hungry-malicious..or kind)) And in a mail box the piece of happiness lies!!! The person somewhere there on other region of the globe wasn't too lazy to pick up to you a card, i.e. he read your profile and wanted to find that you want to receive! Signed it, probably, trying to find those words which you want to read! (In a profile all this can be described in detail). More shortly, I very sincerely advise to these to be engaged to all of you! This hobby not for impatient, certainly. It is necessary to wait long sometimes while your cards will come, to wait the piece of happiness in a box, but it is worthy of it!!! It costs even the bigger!!!!

Here my page on a site, I of course send only my cards -

And here my favourite cards! Certainly, I can't lay out here in the message everything 42..or 44 to sign history of everyone. And everyone has the history, at some it is improbable!! But here they are my darlings)))

From Teo (Romania). He sent me the card from a UNESCO World Heritage artfest Fado. And next from Poland from of my first and one from her first))

From Elly (the Netherlands) and Sun Moom Lake from Taiwan

My first!!!! From Nora (USA), Katya (Lviv, Ukraine), from Germany but with Greece view))))
With chocolate from Inge (Netherlands), with cats-puzzle from the Netherands too. And with a Finnish birch forest (like typical Russian ahaa) from Janica.


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